Imagine a worry-free path to the cloud.

Insight and Symantec offer the technology, expertise and support to move your security to the cloud and protect your email.


From readiness testing to training, Insight’s teams have the experience needed to migrate your seats to the cloud.


Symantec provides extensive expertise and a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for protection and performance.


Symantec offers 100% security against known and unknown email viruses with an unmatched SLA to back it up.

Drive maximum value from your information assets

Evolving protection from emerging threats

Threats are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. Email is evolving, too, with intelligence and greater visibility provided by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network.

Email’s proprietary scanning technology checks multiple attributes of each email to detect anomalies, including tracking links back to their original destination to identify external threats. 

See how Email can help your business.

Symantec offers two additional service plans.

Email Protect

Email Protect

Stay ahead of viruses and malware with Email with Email Protect, powered by Skeptic technology. This technology detects sophisticated attacks through predictive analysis and real-time link following.

Email Safeguard

Email Safeguard

Get everything in Email Protect, plus privacy and control with Email Safeguard. Extend protection to internal data, monitor compliance and enforce standards. Policy templates address internal, legal and regulatory compliance from a single portal.

Whitepaper: Finding Email Security in the Cloud

Find security in the cloud.

Email is still the most popular and pervasive tool cybercriminals use to launch and distribute threats. Find out how you can embrace cloud-based email without compromising security.

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