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Successful businesses ensure their infrastructure and end-user experience enhance one another seamlessly. But managing the infrastructure is resource-intensive. And bridging the gap between IT staff and end users is complex. Are you striking the right balance?

See how IT is affecting your business — and how Insight’s strategy and technology services can help you boost operational excellence with an agile infrastructure and more empowered end users.

Operating effectively
and innovating go
hand in hand.

While juggling innovation, operational excellence and the journey to the digital enterprise, 20% of CIOs feel like they’re being sidelined in the business.2

And the reason is clear: With emerging technologies, it’s becoming vital — but more and more taxing — to ensure the infrastructure is modern and secure.

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End users expect more.

With the rise of a millennial workforce, employees expect instant resolution, decreased downtime and leading-edge technology.

Since the end user is top priority for IT, switching to more dynamic models that offer multiple support avenues and self-service is key to meeting these expectations.

Modernizing your

60% of all IT infrastructure spending will be cloud-based by 2020.4

Leaving behind the cycle of legacy — and moving to cloud virtualization — is a prevalent issue for IT. With benefits like cost savings, elasticity and scalability, adopting modern technologies is an essential component of operational excellence.

How prepared are you to operate with excellence?

Think about your own infrastructure management and end-user strategies. How much do you agree with these statements? We’ll help you assess your business today and drive future growth.

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We have effective systems in place to reduce downtime and roll out new technologies quickly.

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Our current operations are meeting the needs of our end users at the cost models we expect.

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