One of the largest device ecosystems

Through a partnership with Insight, Samsung Business provides an array of products, services and solutions that are customized for your work environment. 


Android tablets

Keep your people productive, and secure, wherever they are.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Put your business on display with our wide selection of digital signage.

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SSD (Solid State Drives)

Driven to perform with the utmost speed and reliability under the toughest demands, our SSDs boast leading-edge technology.

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Make your space work for you

Corporate Display Solutions to bring your workspace to life.


Overhaul your wall

Okay, so you want to figure out how tech can transform your space?  Well, it isn’t only about where you work; it’s about how you work. Let’s get you started. Samsung displays transform any office location into a fully equipped collaborative space, all without the frustrations that can accompany the modern workplace. It’s time to make your office work  for you!

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Interactive displays

Our premium interactive displays enable simple, effective touch interactions and serve a variety of industries. From restaurant menus and in-store product locators to maps and museum installations, these displays add interactivity to any environment.

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The phone that doesn’t just stand out, it stands apart

Completely redesigned to remove interruptions from your view. No notch, no distractions. Precise laser cutting, on-screen security, and a Dynamic AMOLED screen make the Infinity-O Display the most innovative Galaxy screen yet.

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Solid State Drives

Boost PC performance.

If you would like your PC to reach its full potential, Samsung has the way. Driven to perform with the utmost speed and reliability under the toughest demands, our SSDs boast leading-edge technology. Your PC will boot faster, load faster and multitask faster than you ever thought possible.

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Ruggedized Design

Keep your attention on the work at hand, not the cost of replacement. The Galaxy Tab Active2 features a firm, non-slip grip even in extreme construction environments while its ruggedized, anti-shock cover is designed to withstand drops up to 1.5 metres.

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Large Format Displays

Tell your business’ story through high-impact visual messaging. Samsung large format digital displays provide professional-grade image quality with excellent contrast ratio and superb brightness and colour uniformity.

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