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of shoppers

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Buyers are more connected than ever before. Online buzz can lead to purchases in a matter of clicks. Customers stay or go depending on the shopping experience on your website and the Wi-Fi connection in your store. How can you ensure your technology is enabling more customer loyalty and profitability?

We’ll show you how the digital world is transforming business — and how Insight will help you lead the charge through our strategy and IT services.

Buyers want stores
that are tech-savvy.

Customers are digitally savvy. A majority of them already connect with your business — before they even set foot on premises. On the flip side, if your customers aren’t digitally engaged with your business, it can significantly impact profitability.

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mobile computers


with mobile
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discount in revenue3


of CIOs

Computer screens and cell phones

say mobile solutions are a critical investment to get closer to customers.4


of consumers

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Mobility matters to your business.

Digital platforms play a big role in customer engagement and business success. And ease of use is important, too. Many businesses are unable to support a unified-commerce customer journey, making it vital to use the right people, processes and tools to create seamless experiences.

Data is your
greatest ally.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in marketing history is the emergence of customer analytics. And since  
74% of customers are willing to share their age, likes, dislikes and purchasing history  
with retailers,2 it’s key to properly interpret this data to make more personalized offerings.

How prepared are you to serve your customers better?

Think about your own customer engagement strategies. How much do you agree with these statements? We’ll help you assess your business today and drive future growth.

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We are consistently connecting with our customers via an online presence — and this translates into loyalty and profitability.

Not at all    Somewhat    Very much

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Our associates use the latest devices to interact with customers and service their requests.

Not at all    Somewhat    Very much

Ready to improve your customer experience?

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