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Feature-rich voice & web conferencing services

Companies face a constant battle: how to stay productive while trimming costs. Because of this, many hesitate to commit to a videoconferencing or web conferencing platform. But the cloud is changing everything. Now, you can experience enterprise features in budget-friendly platforms.

Communicate seamlessly with enterprise voice solutions. Call, conference and collaborate with others from a single web-based interface. Your teams will experience mobility and quality while being able to work together in virtual groups — from anywhere with access to the internet.

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Enterprise-grade telephony & mobility

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions give you powerful telephony capabilities across all departments. Need something bigger? Integrate VoIP with your call center to scale access and generate robust reports. Your business will have an efficient call service at a consistent OpEx cost.

VoIP won’t limit your employees to the confines of your building. Take it on the road. Native VoIP mobile apps and softphones provide everything you need on the go, with integrated call controls, instant message features, e-fax and more. 

What is web conferencing?

It refers to virtual meetings that occur over the internet. In web conferences, participants can share screens and content on their computer, phone or tablet. Many web conferencing solutions are internet-based, but they are also offered via Software as a Service (SaaS) and hardware.

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Empower your team.

Enterprise voice solutions make connecting with colleagues easy: Use instant messaging, have a videoconference, call from computer to computer or conduct a web meeting. Save time traveling and commuting, and experience meaningful connections from virtually anywhere.

Web-based communicating is also protected. Meeting information, message archives and other data sent is encrypted and secured from end to end. And easy setup and scalability allow the platform to grow with your business.

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Services that help your business run smarter

We know it takes a significant amount of time to sort through your options. That’s why we extend our team to you, to help you find the right solutions. Our experienced staff will consult with you, help you select the right products and offer ongoing support services.

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Get the most out of your Cisco purchase.

The work doesn’t stop with the introduction of a new platform. Insight’s user adoption services will ensure your workforce is getting the most from Cisco WebEx® Cloud.

Take your communications to the cloud.

We’ll help you transform how your employees communicate and collaborate with robust solutions that will change the way they work.

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