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Propel innovation with real-time information.

In today’s world, you need data about your customers, products and services in order to stay relevant. But, with rapidly changing customer behavior, wrangling high volumes of data can seem like a constant struggle.

We'll help you achieve an IoT-powered business model that can drive new revenue opportunities and give you a competitive edge through real-time data — all accessible on smart devices.


Creating new opportunities in every industry

From smart products to smart cities, the IoT and intelligent edge are enabling companies to enrich their experiences and optimize business practices. We have experience across industries:

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Health and life sciences

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Why Insight?

Our broad capabilities and deep expertise make us the ideal partner to launch an IoT or smart edge solution. With Insight, you get a single point of contact for the entire project lifecycle — from device procurement to managed services.

Devices & installation

Leverage our global reach, local presence and strong partner relationships to get your devices manufactured, certified, tested and installed.

Services & development

Our developers have the skills to build your application according to best practices and the experience to create a relevant and actionable product.

Maintenance & support

Continuous services ensure your solutions remain operational. Our network of field technicians mobilize quickly in the event of an outage.

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Analytics increase responsiveness.

Edge computing describes any device that processes data on premises. Since edge devices don’t have to send information to the cloud to be analyzed and relayed back to the device, you save time — giving your business agility to respond quicker.

You’ll be able to detect manufacturing defects before they reach consumers, pivot quicker to address market changes and react instantaneously to vulnerabilities.

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Efficient cloud usage

Bringing data closer to home with the intelligent edge allows you to optimize your cloud use, ensuring only what’s necessary lives in the cloud.

Housing data and compute within an edge device and on premises can reduce cloud consumption, while configuring devices in the cloud streamlines device management.

Gain clarity with image analysis.

Drones and image analytics are bringing hard-to-reach areas closer than ever. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and edge computing are working together to radically improve multiple industries.

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Access solar panels and wind turbines from a distance to gather critical data.

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Inspect remote stretches of roadways and railways safely, without disturbing traffic.

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Check inventory daily with a quick flyby, reducing manual labor and human error.

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The IoT and smart edge in action

Improved railroad maintenance

A drone-based imaging solution uses the IoT and edge processing to prioritize images of track areas that need attention.

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Smart vaccine fridge

Using the IoT and the cloud keeps vaccines stored at just the right temperature and automates inventory management.

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Award-winning IoT

We're honored to be the 2018 Microsoft U.S. Partner Award Winner for Data & AI – Internet of Things for our work with one of the largest food companies in the world. We helped the client build an Azure-based predictive analytics solution that monitors vending machine stock, usage and equipment — so machines never run out and customers stay happy.

Real business results

With the most experienced consultants in the industry, we help you make the most of the IoT, from your devices to the platforms that support them.

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Expert guidance

Get help selecting the right hardware and smart devices to meet your needs, such as sensors, beacons, gateways and wearables.

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Efficient rollouts

We’ll help your organization and workforce execute and implement a solid security plan, along with a physical rollout strategy.

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Success in the cloud

With a cloud-hosted platform, you’ll drive innovation and cost savings through device management and data visualization.

Technology you can’t afford to ignore

By 2020, it’s predicted the Internet of Things will encompass more than 24 billion devices. See how the IoT will change your workplace forever.

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