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Data to monitor, manage and advance your business

Understanding the factors impacting your products and customers is key to growth. Data architecture and data analysis tools provide access to intelligent information at a higher velocity and scale — giving you a competitive edge.

We use technology to turn data into knowledge. With customized analytics and easily accessible reporting tools, such as dashboards and scorecards, you can see real-time results, spot opportunities for growth and make informed decisions.

Evolving your data capabilities

Our architects will guide you along your data journey, taking you to the next level of analysis. We’ll help you gather, interpret and act with tools that provide increased accuracy and actionable insights.

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Next-gen data warehousing

Build a modern data warehouse.

Data lake management blends structured and unstructured data, including raw text, images and video, giving you access to information previously beyond analysis.

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Business intelligence

Make smarter business decisions.

Understanding data and putting it in context is the first step to action. Custom dashboards, visualizations, reports, charts and graphs establish clear growth areas.

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Artificial intelligence

Take a proactive stance.

Traditional data analysis is reactive, whereas artificial intelligence uses predictive modeling and machine learning to determine what will happen in the future.

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Think steps ahead of the competition.

Data and AI improve your ability to prepare, budget, fund and staff. You’ll get the upper hand on how your customers, equipment and employees will behave — saving you time and money while increasing product quality and customer experience.

You’ll be able to:

  • Prepare for seasonal fluctuations.
  • Minimize outages and downtime.
  • Address trends and outliers.
  • Identify challenges and differentiators.
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Data and AI in action

Enhanced customer experience

The development of a chatbot resulted in a 72% increase in new millennial accounts at a financial firm.

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Accurate patient prediction

Using real-time data and analytics, a major hospital network reduced patient length of stay by 1.5 days.

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A gamification approach

In just 15 weeks, we revamped Microsoft Research’s website to provide a more engaging user experience.

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How can data and AI help your business?

Spotting areas for growth, opportunities to avoid problems and ways to fix existing issues can drive business value and generate new revenue. See how business intelligence and analytics can help.

Predictive maintenance

Repair or service machines, vehicles and other assets before they break.

Quality control

Use advanced monitoring to stop faulty products from reaching consumers.

Cross-sell and upsell

Identify patterns in purchasing habits and capitalize on sales opportunities.


Eliminate human error and optimize processes using intelligent agents.

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Take your knowledge further.

When you work with Insight, you get access to a broad portfolio of capabilities. We’ll design a holistic solution that spans:

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Proud recipient of the 2018 Microsoft Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Partner of the Year Award

Microsoft honored Insight’s Digital Innovation team for our work with a major financial services provider. Together, we built an artificial intelligence conversational agent that simplifies investing access, promotes financial literacy and eases communication between the business and customers — all while protecting personal information.

Deep industry partnerships

Matching the right technology to your needs maximizes the value of your investments. That’s why we’ve cultivated relationships with industry leaders. Our key partners include:

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  • Microsoft logo
  • Tableau logo

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Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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