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Everything you need to take control of your assets

Adhering to software publisher guidelines while keeping up with an ever-changing inventory can make it difficult to control costs and maintain compliance.

Through our client platform, you’ll have access to SAM tools that give you greater visibility into your licenses and usage. You'll find an overview of our tools below. Then, take a deeper dive into our tools in Manage.

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Reduce costs proactively and optimize your software assets with our software asset management tools.


Remove the manual processes in your software lifecycle and quickly identify the status of each asset in the timeline.


Gain visibility into expiring licenses on the dashboard or set up notifications as licenses become due for renewal.


Easily view software performance so you can identify bottlenecks, make informed decisions and optimize spend.

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Enjoy a simple, seamless experience as you track, analyze and manage assets throughout the entire software lifecycle, helping you cut costs, sail through audits and optimize resources.

Enterprise License Dashboard

See a high-level snapshot of your license entitlements and compliance position in seconds.

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Enterprise License Manager

Start managing your assets more effectively by monitoring usage and harvesting unused licenses.

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Optimize your software assets with Insight.

Connect with a specialist to get the information you need about our SAM tools and ask about scheduling a demo to see the tools in action.

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