Small business owner using tablet device to manage a new buying process

Small business challenges. Big business solutions.

Often, the last thing on the mind of a small business owner is procurement. It’s underrated, undermanaged and often over-budgeted — despite it being an essential component of any growing business.

Implementing a standardized buying process can feel overwhelming — even if it directly impacts your bottom line. That’s why we’ve created a procurement solution that’s easy to adopt, implement and manage. And the benefits begin almost immediately.

E-commerce revolutionizes procurement.

Self-service e-commerce solutions for businesses of any size simplify purchasing devices, software and services — even for nontechnical users. Consolidating all purchasing and support activities in a single source empowers you to plan expenses that suit your business needs — not multiple vendor requirements.

Smiling business owner uses tablet to create an account

Implement easily.

Creating an account on myInsight is free, and it can be done in mere seconds.

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Configure quickly.

Set up catalogs, workflows, user permissions and more in just a few clicks.

Florist uses an account to better manage business

Improve profitability.

Free your resources by standardizing buying practices — and save time and money.

Don’t let a lack of capital hinder transformation.

Technology is vital for working life, and business operations are no different. Whether you need to upgrade existing infrastructure, purchase more Point of Sale (POS) systems or transition your end-user devices — we’ll customize a solution to your requirements.

Leasing technology: Lower the cost of ownership.

For many smaller businesses, obtaining needed IT equipment is easier said than done. Without the right expertise in-house, you’ll likely overspend by constantly replacing obsolete hardware. Insight’s leasing option gives you an ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and lower cost of ownership.

Retail small business owner uses POS system in store

Financing technology: Pay once a month for IT.

You may want to buy IT assets outright but don’t have the resources to invest. Our in-house financing through Insight Global Finance gives us more freedom to create programs that best fit your needs. Choose from a variety of offerings, such as our software payment program, or apply for a master line of credit.

Two small business owners review IT assets on tablet in cafe

Migrate at your own pace.

Moving to a new procurement platform and process doesn’t have to be a large initiative that diverts your team’s focus and priorities. Because a myInsight account is easy to use and configure, you’re free to transition at the speed that suits you — without sacrificing growth and innovation. Here’s how:

Business professionals gather around woman with tablet to hear workflow ideas
Colleagues gathered around tablet device brainstorming workflow solutions

Step 1: Create an account.

Setting up a free account on myInsight is the beginning of optimizing your supply chain and making smarter technology investments.

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Businesswoman ready to get contract signed in front of laptop computer

Step 2: Check out a free demo.

Schedule a free demo with our team of experts and let us show you the benefits of your new procurement platform in action.

Business professionals negotiate and discuss investments
Negotiating prices for the right tools on tablet in warehouse

Step 3: Establish a custom catalog.

Stop using archaic methods to track your company’s preferred products. Host them on the platform as your company standards instead.

Businessman implements and monitors new process on desktop computer
Business professionals explore the new software solutions on computer

Step 4: Configure users & workflows.

Implement existing processes, or we’ll help you design a new process for success and efficiency that your end users will love.

Two business professionals discuss features of online account
Team adds additional customization to online accounts

Step 5: Customize & streamline.

Add extra layers of customization — such as client-defined fields and defaults for shipping and billing — and report on all of your progress.

We’ll scale with you as you grow.

We work with clients of all sizes and in nearly all industries. Our 30 years of IT experience mean you’ll gain expert consulting and guidance — backed by a solid framework that scales seamlessly as your business transitions to an enterprise.

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