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Reasons to Choose Insight:

  • Our Experience

  • Insight has 20 years of experience with federal government accounts including federal agencies, departments and crown corporations.

  • Our People

  • Insight's dedicated federal government team are trained and experienced sales professionals who understand your special needs and end-of-year requirements. Insight federal government account executives are located in four cities, allowing for country-wide coverage. Our team has proven skills and can help you efficiently purchase using federal government vehicles. They have the knowledge and back-end support to carry through on promises and deadlines.

  • Our Partnerships

  • Insight has a long list of NMSO authorizations. But did you know that Insight is partnered with all the "best in class" hardware manufacturers and software publishers, which means that we can fully support your IT needs, whether it is part of your NMSO purchase or not. Insight's partnerships with distributors allows us to provide a supply chain across the country - allowing us to ship anywhere - on time!

  • Our Reporting Services

  • Insight can not only provide implementation and operations support, but we can also provide detailed reporting on your purchases. Let your dedicated team provide ETA reports for all your purchases that require Mar 31st invoicing. Your team will send, on demand or regularly, scheduled reports up until that deadline date.






When a military base needed to keep its data storage requirements under control, we came through with a high-end Unix® and Storage Area Network (SAN) solution. Talk with a specialist