Businessman ordering his meal while waitress uses a tablet computer POS system at counter in restaurant

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With an array of restaurant technology services to choose from, Insight will help you bring your food service business into the next generation — from Point-of-Sale (POS) restaurant systems to data center solutions and mobile apps.

We've partnered with the leading restaurant technology providers. Such collaboration enables us to deliver seamless solutions that help modernize your food service business, improve productivity and enhance the customer experience. 

Scalable restaurant technology solutions

Today’s demanding food service industry doesn’t leave room for any missteps. The right technology partner will help you get ahead, so you can focus on your customers. Find out how we can help you with scalable solutions for your business.

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Create a tailored customer experience.

In food service, it’s all about the customer experience. Could your business benefit from iPad® menus or mobile ordering apps? Perhaps you want a tablet-based POS restaurant system. Our IT professionals will help you make a proactive decision.

Young woman with a friend placing order to waiter holding digital tablet computer.

At-table ordering

Empower your patrons to order and pay directly from their tables. It’s possible with iPad and Microsoft® Surface® at-table ordering.

Waiter using digital tablet computer as POS system for checkout at table

Mobile checkout

Want to reduce the burden on your staff and open tables faster? Mobile checkouts are a rising trend in restaurant technology services.

Data center router with plugins connected

A secure data center

Chain restaurants require unique data center solutions that are safeguarded against intrusions. We’ll help protect your bottom line.

Ready to modernize your business?

We’ll help you select the right products and create an overall solution that provides a great customer experience.

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