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Boundless collaboration

Businesses around the world are finding new ways to communicate and collaborate. Professionals are demanding solutions that deliver the best audio – and beyond. At Sennheiser, we deliver the tools that do exactly that. Established on a reputation for sound excellence in every dimension, we meticulously design and craft premium solutions that enable you to enhance your performance, gain the best audio experience, and take work with you – here or anywhere.


The difference is crystal clear.

IMPACT Headset solutions

When it comes to customer experience, great sound goes both ways. The IMPACT line is designed to provide a level of audio quality that's unmatched in the industry, both for your team and your customers. With exceptional microphone clarity, speech-enhancing and noise-filtering technology, your communication will always be crystal clear, even in busy offices.

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Take perfect audio anywhere.

ADAPT Headset solutions

Wherever your business takes you, the ADAPT Line is made to match your style, with contemporary ergonomic designs that fit today's flexible professional environment. Anywhere, anytime, it's possible to enhance concentration with headsets that provide truly impressive noise cancellation, enabling your team to stay focused on the task at hand.

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Connect with your world

EXPAND Meeting solutions

Some meetings simply can't wait. With the EXPAND Line, your team can set up conference calls seamlessly and instantly, with easy-to-connect speakerphones that are simple and intuitive to manage, and configure themselves automatically with all your devices. Sennheiser craftsmanship is known around the world for quality, reliability, and superior materials – built into sleek and compact designs that perfect the essentials, without any unnecessary parts or buttons.

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