The easiest solution to broadcast your identity in all your emails
AT NO COST for Insight O365 clients

Compliance with your organization’s graphic design standards

  • Creating signatures in a simple way
  • Provide ready-made templates
  • Insertion your company logo and social media widgets
  • Insert hyperlinks

Transparency for users

  • Deploy and automatically update email signatures
  • Visualize signatures with each new mail

Provide an interface for your IT team

  • Create and update the internal database (synchronizations: AD, Azure AD, csv, etc.)
  • Import groups from the Office 365 and G Suite user directory

Help center and online chat



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Letsignit STARTER + Business Pack


Signature customization

  • Drag and drop: profile picture blocks, disclaimer, social networks, logo
  • Cropping and graphic effects on images
  • Send test emails

Marketing campaign promotion

  • Automatic banner insertion
  • Schedule banners for a fixed period


  • Number of clicks
  • Details for all users as well as individual user level

Phone support

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