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ThinkSmart Hub 500

The smarter way to collaborate.

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Meet ThinkSmart Hub 500, the all-in-one, purpose-built Skype Room System.

Lenovo ThinkVision 17-inch monitor product

A better way for teams to work together

A key feature of the ThinkSmart Hub 500 is its eye-catching anti-glare, anti-smudge display. Rotatable through 360°, anyone within arm reach can take and give control instantly, enabling meetings to run more smoothly—and more fairly. There's also a 3-color LED ring that lets everyone in the room know the status of the call.

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ThinkVision 19-inch Monitor

Because everyone's time is valuable

Meetings are time consuming enough without trying to get the technology to work properly. The average delay is around 10 minutes, but with the ThinkSmart Hub 500, you can avoid costly late starts. As audio and video is already connected, simply hit one button and everyone can begin collaborating right away.

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ThinkVision 21.5–inch Monitor

Enhanced security and manageability features

When it comes to security and practicality, the ThinkSmart Hub 500 has it covered. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise provides intelligent enterprise-grade protection, while the Intel vPro processor helps you to maintain remote devices, and the built-in Skype Room Systems app has a universal lockdown feature. Skype for Business is a universal locked-down app. In addition, an innovative cable management door secures physical ports and prevents cables being accidentally disconnected.

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ThinkVision 22-inch Monitor

Simplify meetings, worldwide

Whether you're a host or attendee, the ThinkSmart Hub 500 will make your life easier. Designed with small to medium-sized conference rooms in mind, it's available in 180 countries. That way, everyone in your organization will be familiar with the system wherever your business takes them.

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