IntelliGO's differentiated feature set enables coverage across the Endpoint, Network and Cloud, while hardening your systems against future attack.



IntellliGO Threat Hunters capabilities are augmented by Machine Learning models that can react faster than any human can.



IntelliGO Technology adapts and improves with our models, allowing us to serve growing environments and remain effective at scale.

IntelliGO Services

Covering the outcomes that the IntelliGO service enables.


MDR Service

You are covered across your endpoints, network, and cloud. Includes top security functions: 24/7 monitoring, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Threat Hunting, Vulnerability Management, Log Analysis and Monthly Reporting – all enabled by Machine Learning Models.


Virtual CISO

IntelliGO Virtual CISOs provide expert advice to meet your policy and planning needs. Deliverables include policy templates, compliance advisory (CMMC, PCI, etc), and architecture reviews for programmatic improvement of your security.


Advanced Incident Response (IR)

Available 24/7, IntelliGO AIR service includes a full bench of incident responders to address your cybersecurity incident. They conduct root cause analysis, documentation and forensics should you need them.

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