Infographic: FireEye Network Security + Email Security

8 Aug 2018

Maintaining independent network and email security solutions may leave your organization vulnerable to blended or multi-vector attacks. See how the combination of FireEye Network Security and Email Security works to close the gaps — helping your organization minimize the risk of a costly breach.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic FireEye Network + Email Security. Translated below.

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FireEye Network Security + Email Security

You may be well protected against web attacks, but what about blended or multi-vector attacks that come at your network through email as well as the web?

Are you protected from all sides?

  • 91% of all cyber crimes start with email1
  • 84% of organizations have been spear phished2

Highly selective attacks

Spear phishers mean business, targeting their emails to specific users baiting them with a request to wire funds or click on a URL that is a credential phishing site.

FireEye’s Power Duo

Better together

FireEye Email Security is a powerful addition to the FireEye Network Security solution for fighting malware, URL and impersonation-based attacks initiated through the email vector.

Full-coverage protection

An estimated 90% of all attacks play out over both email and the web3. With odds like these, it’s critical to protect your organization from every entry point.

Prepared for any threat

Just like a radar system that provides 360-degree views or sonar that detects sound from any direction, FireEye Network Security + Email Security give your organization a heightened awareness.


Working together, FireEye Network + Email Security correlate activity across web and email traffic for richer alerts and a broader view. In turn, your team can quickly set priorities and implement a response.

Used together, FireEye Network and Email Security immensely improve your security posture. With flexible deployment options, they will nimbly evolve as your business infrastructure and needs change.

With Network Security + Email Security, you can:

  • Detect emails with suspicious URLs
  • See the big picture to guard against blended attacks
  • Identify top alerts to respond faster and more effectively
  • Block attacks by impersonators
  • Stretch security budgets, reduce security stack vendors

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