Scale smarter, manage easier and innovate faster.

The next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers is designed and built to accelerate workloads, simplify and automate operations, and address the widest range of applications with versatile configurations. The zero-touch deployment, embedded intelligence, optimized storage and easy, manage-from-anywhere systems management allow your customers to empower their businesses with the latest innovations — from their scale to hyperscale.

The new Dell PowerEdge servers feature:

    Unmatched systems management capabilities:
  • Reduce server configuration time by up to 99 percent with new zero-touch automation.
  • Accelerate time-to-production with express local deployment using iDRAC Direct.
  • Manage, monitor, update and deploy with a smartphone.
  • Improve IT productivity using automated processes.
  • Automate operations with agent-free, one-to-many systems management tools available with Dell PowerEdge M830.
    Optimized storage for a wide variety of applications and workloads:
  • Experience greater IOPS performance over SATA SSDs with express flash drives.
  • Take advantage of up to 50 percent larger Exchange™ mailboxes with Dell PowerEdge R730xd.
  • Speed critical workloads and applications with in-server flash designs.
  • Improve disk utilization with internal data-tiering and hybrid storage.
  • Take advantage of storage configurations ideal for VSAN and Storage Spaces technology.
  • Benefit from technologies like NVM Express (NVMe) and PCI Express SSD with Dell PowerEdge R930.
    Versatile configurations to meet performance needs:
  • Configure network settings up to 55 percent faster with Quick Sync compared to front panel controls.
  • Meet demands with up to 10.5 times faster online transaction processing using a Dell PowerEdge R630 server with all-flash storage.
  • Access files up to 17 times faster with a Dell PowerEdge R730xd hybrid media configuration.
  • Tailor solutions to match specific workloads.
  • Consolidate resources with a dense virtualization environment.
  • Lower the cost of operations with Fresh Air-compliant configurations.
  • Boost IT workload performance with Dell PowerEdge FC830, which offers up to 72 cores and 48 dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) of DDR4 memory.

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