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Case study: App Developer Connects Workforce With Faster Deployment

22 Mar 2019 by Emily Allender

Facts at a glance

Client industry:

Application development

Size of company:

500 employees


The client wanted to offer Apple devices to its workforce in an effort to attract and retain talent but struggled to purchase and deploy the technology.


  • Streamlined procurement & support
  • Apple Business Manager
  • Mobile device management


  • Cost savings on devices
  • Faster deployment

Solution area:

Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions simplify the process of procuring, maintaining and replacing the technology clients invest in to run their business.

In order to compete with the established travel apps in the industry, the company needed to attract and retain top talent.

Evolving from a local startup into a global organization often comes with challenges. For one Montreal-based application developer, growth happened quickly, from 25 to 100 employees in three months and then to 500 employees in just two years.

The company’s travel app quickly became a frequently downloaded asset in the Apple App Store. But, in order to compete with established travel apps in the industry, the company needed to attract and retain top talent — especially workers with coding experience.

Unfortunately for this startup, Montreal is home to several large tech companies that dominate the job market. This particular company realized it needed to offer a modern work environment with high-performing devices. To appeal to people with coding experience, it decided Apple devices were the best choice.

Partnering with the experts

In the early days, the business originally implemented a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) program where employees got to select their company-provided devices for work-related tasks. However, managing many different devices proved challenging for the internal IT team and created security risks.

Company-owned devices became the new norm, but the IT team had trouble keeping up with the growing workforce and number of devices that needed to be configured to company standards. When the business decided to open a new location but didn’t expand its IT staff, the process of procuring and deploying devices turned slow and inefficient.

The growing company needed a partner to help streamline the process and offer customized support.

Optimizing the deployment process

Insight has long-lasting partnerships with industry-leading technology brands and deep expertise to help our clients get the most out of their IT assets. Our relationship with and vast knowledge about Apple and its products positions us to help clients improve their device management.

When our Supply Chain Optimization team visited the client and examined its existing challenges, we immediately suggested implementing Apple Business Manager. The secure management platform makes it easy to automate deployment, delegate admin privileges and manage app licenses for every Apple device in the company.

Now, the client can procure and deploy products to 500 employees in just 15 minutes.

We helped the client set up Apple Business Manager and integrate it with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution so the company’s IT team could quickly and seamlessly manage Apple products.

The client also started procuring its devices through Insight instead of directly from Apple’s retail stores, to take advantage of our special pricing and product expertise. Our team provided answers to complex questions and helped the client access supporting assets.

Saving time and money

The process of deploying Apple devices used to take the client about 45 minutes per machine. Today, the company has a streamlined deployment strategy and is reaping significant time and cost savings. Now, the client can procure and deploy products to 500 employees in just 15 minutes.

Drive business efficiencies.

We’ll help you through all phases of the IT lifecycle, from initial procurement and deployment to disposition.

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