Insight 360 Internship Experience Instills Skills Beyond Business

10-week program molds the modern worker through real-world IT experience, business training and life-skills development

TEMPE, Ariz., July 23, 2018 – Insight (NASDAQ:NSIT), the global provider of Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™ for organizations of all sizes, offers a comprehensive internship experience designed to develop well-rounded professionals who are valuable contributors to the workplace of tomorrow and in life.

The 10-week Insight 360 Internship Experience builds on three critical pillars that prepare up-and-coming college students for success after schooling, including real-world work in the fast-moving technology industry, business exposure to a global Fortune 500 enterprise, and life-skills training. This year’s program also features cohort training for 23 interns, creating meaningful connections that encourage collective peer learning and support while emphasizing the importance of networking.

“The marketplace right now is super-dynamic. There are all kinds of new businesses and business models, which are having a profound effect on how companies are hiring today and will in the future,” said Steve Dodenhoff, president, Insight North America. “We want to make sure that our internship program gives these young professionals a chance to maximize their learning and experiences. No matter where they end up, or how their careers evolve, we want them to feel a sense of readiness to tackle their responsibilities, and positively contribute to the workforce.”

This year interns have taken on daily roles connected to the Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions in Supply Chain Optimization, Connected Workforce, Cloud and Data Center Transformation, and Digital Innovation.

But the interns also unite weekly for business and life-skills training, including mentorship sessions with key company leaders like CEO Ken Lamneck and Insight founder Tim Crown.  The training encompasses a variety of focus areas from public speaking to personal financial management to professional image, to name a few.

“Our goal is to provide meaningful work emersion that is valuable on a résumé while imparting personal principles and purpose on par with the Hunger, Heart and Harmony attributes we seek in our teammates,” said Jen Vasin, vice president of human resources at Insight. “If we are able to help build skills that enhance a young professional’s work and personal life, and they end the program feeling more equipped for their next chapter, then we’ve given them a holistic view of how to excel in the modern workplace and beyond.”

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