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Simplifiez la mobilité en entreprise

Insight et AirWatch® vous aident à gérer et à sécuriser tous vos dispositifs, peu importe le type, la plateforme ou la propriété, et ce, à partir d’une console centralisée.

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Profitez d’une gestion simplifiée à partir d’une seule console.

Que vous ayez besoin d’une gestion améliorée pour la sécurité, les dispositifs ou les applications, vous pouvez compter sur AirWatch, disponible auprès d’Insight.

Mobile security management

Secure your mobile endpoints using a multilayered approach. Data is encrypted and secured from the user to the network.

Mobile device management

Quickly enroll devices in your environment, and configure and update settings over the air or on secure mobile technology.

Mobile application management

Easily manage internal, public and purchased applications across employee-owned, corporate-owned and shared devices.

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Separate work and personal data.

Protect corporate data while respecting your employees’ privacy. AirWatch Container gives you a simple way to completely separate corporate data from personal data on devices, securing company resources and maintaining employee privacy.

Be confident that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies will work for your business. With AirWatch, IT teams can quickly update mobile applications. And, employees will have peace of mind that their personal information is protected. 

Imagine a worry-free path to the cloud.

Insight’s direct relationships with premium partners, combined with our global capabilities, help us deliver a complete cloud solution for your organization.

Vetted solutions

We extensively evaluate every technology provider and product, and only offer vetted, best-in-class cloud solutions.

Deep cloud expertise

Don’t navigate the cloud alone. We have the expertise to help you find, evaluate and select the right cloud solutions.

Extensive experience

With in-depth knowledge of the cloud, Insight’s teams have extensive experience migrating and managing cloud seats.

See how AirWatch can help your business.

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Securely access mobile content anytime.

AirWatch Content Locker® protects your sensitive information in a corporate container. Let workers use a central application to securely access the latest sales materials or financial reports from their mobile devices. 

Protect email use and browsing.

Mobile Email Management

Use Mobile Email Management to control email access from mobile devices, prevent data loss, encrypt sensitive data, enforce advanced compliance policies and let users sync email through the self-service portal.

AirWatch Browser

Enable secure browsing and configure customized settings to meet your unique business and end-user needs. AirWatch Browser allows administrators to define and enforce secure browsing policies from the admin console.

Simplify enterprise mobility.

Enterprise mobility is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. See how AirWatch offers a comprehensive mobility platform that supports every organization, for every device and every use case.

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Efficiently view and manage devices.

AirWatch mobile device management provides an efficient solution for viewing and managing all devices from a single console. Learn more about how you can enroll devices quickly, con­figure and update device settings over the air and secure every mobile device.

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