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Creating a Comprehensive Security Strategy

19 Jun 2015 by Insight Editor

There are a lot of customers out there who hear firewall when you say security. While a firewall is a necessary component of a data and network security strategy, it takes much more to provide optimum protection of your customers’ network and data.

According to an Intel Security support brief, “Today, antivirus alone isn’t enough to defend against sophisticated, stealthy malware and attacks.”

It’s your responsibility — and opportunity — to help them see beyond firewalls and antivirus.

Give a network tour.

One of the easiest ways to help customers see the big picture of network and data security is to take them on a tour of their network, beginning from the outside.

Start at the edge of the network where users connect their devices to access network resources. Since each client device — network endpoint — represents an entryway into the network, they must be protected in several ways.

Client devices, however, are not the final endpoint of the network — the users are. It is critical to provide a clear, concise, comprehensive network security policy that explains users’ responsibilities when accessing the network. This is something many service providers neglect to offer, which both lowers the security value to customers as well as your revenue opportunity.

Encrypt data across the network and back.

Before data leaves any endpoint or data center to travel across the Internet to another endpoint or data center, it must be encrypted. This way, the intended receiver can access it with their decryption key. And anyone intercepting the data en route gets useless gibberish.

Safeguard data centers.

The data center requires a variety of dedicated security measures to provide complete protection across storage, servers, networks and applications. Encrypting data that’s at rest in storage, especially in multitenant environments, prevents data leakage.

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) consist of sensors and management solutions that provide an intelligent security solution, discovering and blocking sophisticated threats in the network. Using multiple, advanced signatureless detection techniques, real-time emulation and endpoint integration, they move beyond pattern matching to defend against unknown attacks with extreme accuracy.

With more data centers leveraging external cloud data center resources to extend and augment their own, they must maintain comprehensive server protection and management for physical, virtual and cloud deployments while providing additional advanced server security (e.g., whitelisting and change control) to help maintain compliance. The more each of these measures can be integrated under “a single pane of glass” unified console, the easier it becomes for data center managers to assure effective management of the entire operation.

Moving forward, the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) approach inherently builds security and agility into the data center construct. The foundation of an SDDC approach is automated provisioning and scale-out performance distributed across hypervisors in the data center. It leverages the position of the hypervisor to securely acquire and share application context, the basis for distributed enforcement at each virtual interface. It is important that attacks within the virtual infrastructure are not only detected, but also blocked and quarantined, and then forwarded to other server, endpoint and management solutions for remediation.

Analyze security data.

Most data and network security systems collect enormous amounts of information as they monitor your network at all levels. Just as companies gain new insights into their business from all of the information they collect on the various systems that run the company, careful analysis of the collected security data using Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) systems can help constantly improve your customers’ comprehensive security strategy.

Learn more about security at every level.

Delivering the most comprehensive plan to assure maximum protection and keeping up with security trends will earn you more trust from your customers, while delivering substantial new revenue streams to your services business. We’re here to help you with your security solutions portfolio. With more than 1,500 partnerships among the world’s top software manufacturers, Insight is your go-to for security. You can give us a call at 1.800.INSIGHT, too.