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The Art of Optimizing Your Supply Chain

17 Jun 2015 by William Freed

In a previous post, we talked about the value of intelligent technology and the supply chain. At Insight, our feeling is that the true winners in the $10 billion supply chain market will be the organizations that help companies augment processes to meet business objectives, while at the same time delivering these results in a way that delights and amazes users.

Obviously, this is a tall order.

But we know it can be done, and that leveraging the “smarts” in intelligent technology will lead the way. This sort of intelligence revolves around understanding and interpreting large volumes of data generated by the supply chain, in order to better identify and resolve key issues — and to do so quickly.

Knowing what data to look at is key, followed by how best to manage it and then how to present key metrics to decision-makers. Typically, an “executive dashboard” is created, based on a deep dive into metrics for a given organization — ranging from network and system uptime, to minute-by-minute status of orders being produced and delivered. Such dashboards can be crucial to achieving the promise of intelligent technology by empowering both business and IT executives to make sense of larger trends within their organization, and to course-correct as needed, well before things hit crisis levels.

For example, purchasing and procurement groups can leverage intelligent technology to ensure they have a steady flow of required IT goods and services, while keeping a lid on costs and ensuring management oversight. That’s where tools like dashboards come in, and where programs like group purchasing can have a beneficial effect — transforming the supply chain and procurement functions from cost centers, to sources of business value and competitive advantage. This is the real promise of intelligent technology, and it forms the basis of forward-looking procurement strategies in the public and private sectors alike.

If your organization is looking to be more innovative, drive collaboration and stay abreast of current technology — while controlling costs, and keeping execs informed and in control — we’re here to help.

We understand the challenges of the supply chain, and possess the depth and breadth to help organizations of any size master their IT challenges. What’s more, intelligent technology can help you delight and amaze users across the board, while achieving business goals. That’s what we think the supply chain is all about — how about you?