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The Advantages of Cloud Phone Analytics

17 Jun 2015 by Jessica Hall

Imagine being able to see the real-time status of your unified communications network to examine the system’s performance, troubleshoot a problem before it becomes a major issue, identify opportunities and allocate — or reallocate — resources appropriately.

You don’t have to dream. A cloud-based communications solution can and should have:

Real-time diagnostics

With the ability to analyze the connections within your network, you can determine the quality of calls, identify the traffic each office is carrying and drill down to examine the performance of individual devices.

Fast-paced fixes

A looming storm or a network on the brink of going down shouldn’t be cause for concern, as a solid communications system can route calls to other devices or locations before the problem has a chance to take effect. You can also address issues when they’re most relevant — holding employees accountable for their work and providing them with constructive feedback — with a system that can instantaneously track your workforce’s activity.

Easy-to-digest dashboards

Customizable reports and dashboards that are user-friendly make it easy to use data to identify opportunities and address threats, giving your business a competitive edge.

Bottom line impact

Additionally, you’ll be able to identify key metrics related to sales revenue, such as who’s closing sales from customer calls, whether your organization is missing incoming customer calls and if employees are following up on past calls. Creating quantifiable savings for your business, the data provided can also be used to help staff appropriately.

Not only is this possible, but our partner 8x8 offers Virtual Office Analytics packages that have all these benefits, besides being simple to use and scaling on demand. Talk to an Insight 8x8 specialist today to learn how you can start reducing complexity, increasing performance and driving growth in your business.