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Intelligent Technology in Marketing

8 Jun 2015 by Amy Protexter
Gartner Analyst Laura McLellan recently proclaimed that by 2017, just two years from now, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend more on technology than Chief Information Officers (CIOs) do. Pretty astounding when you think about it. But a quick look at the landscape of all the marketing technologies available — and frankly, essential — to be a marketer today, suggests this just might happen.

Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers rely on the Web and social media to conduct 70–90% of their buying journey. So marketing executives must leverage technology to ensure their companies show up all along that journey.

Marketing execs and their teams need to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), predictive analytics (big data), social media, customer experience, Web strategy, behavioral-based digital advertising, mobile, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), search, content marketing, sales enablement, personalization, email marketing, events and webinars, creative and design … and the list goes on.

And guess what? There’s a technology solution for each and every piece of this equation. More than one. There is fierce competition by emerging technology companies and well-established ones to meet all of these marketing needs.

Sadly, for “Mad Men” fans, the days of advertising pitches and catchy jingles — seemingly a simpler time  — are long gone. Today’s marketing professionals must leverage a multitude of intelligent technology solutions to successfully do their work.

And they must do it in concert with their CIO to ensure vital integrations are in place to produce the levels of Return on Investment (ROI) demanded in an increasingly competitive marketplace. No longer do the marketing and IT functions run in parallel universes; marketing must be aligned with sales and also with IT to achieve success.

Change is happening at a breakneck pace. Gartner research predicts that by 2020, customers  will manage 85% of their relationships with enterprises without interacting with a human.

Is your organization ready? Are your CMO and CIO working hand in hand to build the technology infrastructure required to connect you with your customers? If not, begin today, or be left behind.