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5 Ways to Remain HIPAA Compliant

26 May 2015 by Jessica Hall

Patients expect your organization to safeguard their electronic protected health information (PHI) from unapproved disclosure, destruction or loss. Take the following five steps to make sure your company is compliant with HIPAA security regulations.

1. Implement Administrative Safeguards

Your healthcare organization needs to implement concrete policies and adhere to stringent procedures to effectively manage security measures. Some of this includes training, creating exigency plans for crises, conducting internal audits and outlining processes for reporting security breaches.

2. Take Physical Precautions

Physical measures also need to be enacted to protect your patients’ PHI. There are many ways to defend electronic data from physical breaches or harm — from keeping servers in locked rooms to storing data backups off-site.

3. Employ Technical Defenses

To remain HIPAA compliant, your organization should develop policies related to usernames and passwords, access controls and security logs. Also, leverage anti-virus software, firewalls and data encryption to safeguard electronic records.

4. Train All Employees

Something as simple as stepping away from one’s desk could leave private patient information exposed. Make sure all employees who handle PHI are HIPAA certified and trained to help your organization remain compliant.

5. Thwart Malicious Internal Activity

Employees can also pose threats. Implementing strict security policies and procedures — such as disabling all employee access once someone leaves the company — will help protect your organization from HIPAA violations.

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