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5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Cloud-Hosted Email Provider

26 May 2015 by Shay Moser

Email drives your business. It’s the channel through which you share important information and make critical decisions. Because email is such an important tool, selecting the right cloud-hosted email provider is vital. Asking these five questions will help you identify which provider is the best fit for your Small to Medium business (SMB):

1. How reliable and flexible are your solutions?

Your business may fluctuate, and cloud-based email was built to do the same, allowing you to adjust as needed. These types of solutions let you modify storage space and manage the requirements of adding and removing users.

2. How do you handle compliance requirements?

You’re likely concerned about security — and you should be. Make sure the vendor meets any needed compliance requirements. It’s also important to see the vendor’s security documentation, which should outline its processes and guidelines.

3. What’s your data center like?

Ask the provider about its data center certifications, standardizations and downtime history.

4. How do you protect clients from viruses and spam?

Email is an ideal host for viruses, allowing them to spread quickly. Avoid the risk by determining how effectively the provider protects its customers from malware and viruses.

5. Do you allow access through multiple devices?

Your employees need to communicate with others from anywhere and at any given time. Select a provider that gives your staff simple, safe and reliable access to email through many devices.

Taking the time to research vendors and ask them these important questions will safeguard your business’s assets and maximize the benefits of the cloud.

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