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The Dog Days Have Arrived at Insight, Literally

17 Apr 2015 by Desiree Samson

Here at Insight we have “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” once a quarter. Dogs are a part of our families and it is an opportunity for Insight teammates to show off — and work beside — their furry friends for a day.

Walking with wagging tails, and lounging, around the office were a mix of breeds — everything from tiny Dachshunds to towering Great Danes. And of course when anyone brings in puppies — two not-so-towering Great Danes — they instantly become crowd favorites.

From howls and barking heard down the halls to afternoon cubicle naps — each dog brought their own unique personality and own unique connection with their owner. Dogs are said to bring not only productivity but creativity to the work place, and here at Insight, the dog days are most welcome.