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How Flexible and Secure are Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

15 Apr 2015 by Shay Moser

Critical questions accompany any complex decision. Moving to a hybrid cloud is no exception. Your customers are likely to ask a couple of common but very important questions. We’re here to help you answer them.

How flexible are hybrid cloud solutions?

IT professionals often ask about the flexibility of the system, frequently citing a desire for application freedom. You can assure organizations they can have the choice and independence they seek, as applications can even be removed and migrated from large internal systems.

Seasonal companies, startups and other businesses primed for expansion can benefit from leveraging the cloud. “In having the flexibility to use only what you need, organizations will be able to scale up during times of growth or scale down when needed,” states Jeromy Siebenaler, vice president and chief cloud architect at Insight.

How secure are they?

Many people operate under the false belief that cloud solutions aren’t secure. “In reality, cloud-based servers offer equal or greater security in comparison to traditional, on-premise servers,” says Harish Krishnamurthy, senior vice president of InsightCloud.

He points out that cloud solutions are built to protect data. “Anti-virus, intrusion detection, network and data protection software are typically built into cloud platforms, ensuring that the platforms are designed to be secure,” he explains.

Applications, as a result, will have increased security — hybrid cloud platforms deliver both high accessibility and automated duplication solutions for applications. Operating within a virtualized network complete with a firewall, the platform is utterly inaccessible.

IT professionals likely won’t feel confident in their decision without the answers to these two questions. As they’re evaluating a hybrid cloud as a possible option, walk them through the benefits and implications for their organization.

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