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O365 Email: Why Your Business Needs a Security Supplement

30 Mar 2015 by Shay Moser

This article is sponsored by Intel Security, one of our partners, and they provide Insight with content to share with our audience.

You’ve probably caught up with all the benefits of moving to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365® (O365). It brings together the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with cloud-based business email, shared calendars, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, file sharing and more. However, many businesses are still finding the need to supplement its built-in security features.

Almost daily in the news we hear about the latest high-profile attacks and hacks. Even March Madness has inspired cybercrime. Most of these data compromises start as simple emails containing malicious URLs.

Cunning cybercriminals know that users are easily deceived by spear-phishing emails. In fact, “The Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 2014” found nearly one in five users will click on a phishing email. And according to McAfee Labs, 95 percent of all Internet-based attacks start with spear-phishing.

In these spear-phishing attacks, hackers and other criminals are not only taking advantage of human vulnerability, they are also inserting malicious code into network domains. Advanced malware watches network activity, identifies weaknesses, sends intelligence back to its controllers and opens doors to allow unauthorized access.

O365 email boosts your productivity from anywhere, but it needs equally powerful security to safeguard data, software, and infrastructure from unauthorized access and compromises. For instance, migrating to O365 can leave data exposed to leaks and compromises if the proper security safeguards aren’t in place. Once O365 is in place, it requires ongoing security support to detect and stop threats at multiple levels.

Intel Security has an array of solutions that enhance Office 365. It starts with McAfee Email Protection, which includes or integrates into technology for identifying and stopping threats at many levels.

To protect against evolving, sophisticated phishing tactics, your business needs added security that:

  • Inspects and identifies malicious and suspicious URLs before they can be opened and introduce vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Includes a real-time behavioral engine to identify viruses, worms and Trojans without reliance on conventional signatures.
  • Identifies sensitive data in motion, helping to reduce the chances of data leaks.
  • Prevents data from being accessible, even if compromised.
  • Scans email attachments and blocks malware from infecting systems.

Being productive is always important. Just don’t let your hard work compromise your business. Learn more about how to protect it here.