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8 Ways 8×8 Virtual Office Consolidates Business Technology

17 Mar 2015 by Shay Moser

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Creating a professional business presence can be described in many ways, some of which include answering the phone with confidence within two rings—every time. But when answering services are combined with a virtual office package, the end result is much better than the sum of its parts.

  1. Transform your PC into a web-based phone. The 8×8 Virtual Office Pro allows you to use your computer or laptop as a personalized, web-based phone. Make, answer and transfer calls using the Virtual Office Smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  2. Look like a large business even if you’re a small one. By using an 8×8 hosted VoIP business phone system, even if you company is small, say 25 employees or less, you can project a much larger image. If your staff is quite mobile, they can appear “in office” by using the mobile app. This allows any of your employees to receive business calls on their cell phones when calls are placed to the office. They can make calls via the app with the caller ID being their office phone. No need to give out your cell phone number to stay connected with your teammates, clients or partners.
  3. Reduce call times and improve customer service. The 8×8 Virtual Contact Center is a business communications service that allows your company to serve more customers, without adding stress to call center employees. It reduces wait times, cuts excessive costs and utilizes staffing better.
  4. Take web conferencing to a whole new level. The 8×8 Virtual Meeting Service is a great alternative to your current web conferencing tool. Priced competitively, Virtual Meeting improves your conferences, communication and minimizes travel.
  5. Communicate with your teammates more effectively with instant messaging. The instant messaging feature can not only help you communicate with your team when email or calling is not appropriate, but it can simplify and shorten your conversations so you can get more work done.
  6. Get every call. Low on staff? Receptionist out of the office? No problem. An automated receptionist, or auto attendant, can route incoming calls.
  7. Implement a phone system you can rely on. Does your company have a disaster recovery plan? With 8×8 business VoIP communications services, you have business continuity built right in. If you can’t get into the office, you can use your mobile app or softphone. Plus, 8×8’s network is fully redundant and operates at 99.997% availability. This means 8×8’s business VoIP communications services have alternate network paths, which are implemented through redundant standby routers and switches. So if the primary path goes down, the alternate path is instantly deployed to ensure minimal downtime.
  8. Be secure. When it comes to security, 8×8 is the most compliant across government, healthcare and finance standards. You can also protect your personal privacy. If you make and receive calls from your laptop or personal cellphone, the recipient of the call will always see your office number on caller ID. They will never know that you are calling from your personal cellphone; hence they will never know your personal number. This keeps you and your identity safe along with isolating business from your personal life.

By combining answering services with a virtual office package, small- to medium-sized businesses can get all the benefits and solutions the cloud has to offer at a competitive price, while reducing complexity and enhancing communications. It’s truly a win-win.