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IT Upgrades Streamline Business

11 Mar 2015 by Desiree Samson

Everyone has probably experienced a business interaction that seemed archaic; a practice that you know could be better with technology. There are a lot of companies that are not utilizing modern technology to back their overall vision – and a number of industries are prime for disruption for this very reason. When it comes to upgrading the experience, there is a fear that integrating new technology will interrupt business operations; or the frustration of not knowing where to start with business technology transformation.

For most consumers these days, it’s about more than just the product being purchased, it’s the experience: walking into a store where you don’t have to checkout at a register, kiosks that can answer questions instead of finding an employee, the ability to make a purchase in a reasonable amount of time.

Businesses know that to stay competitive – especially in the retail space –they must provide these types of experiences to customers. Savvy companies are implementing solutions that track analytics on the back end to inform new processes, rollouts, even design and buying decisions. All of these metrics help businesses make better decisions and run smarter.

An article in The New York Times underscores how smartphones are transforming not only the way consumers want to interact with businesses, but the way in which business is done altogether. Mr. Gonzalez, the chief executive for BBVA who was formerly a software engineer for IMB, said, “There is no sector that won’t be touched by the digital world.” The rapid rise in technological advancements is making reinvention a necessity.

When CIO Lee Goldenberg, of John Varvatos Enterprises Inc., wanted to find a way to have visibility across his company—both online and in store sales—he looked to technology. He is currently beta testing a cloud-based tool called “Crossroads” which he helped create. His company, a men’s fashion brand, is on its way to streamlining not only its processes, but better data collection across the board informing business decisions from initial design to store delivery. He knew “gaining that kind of visibility across a company can greatly improve analytics, supply chain management and in-store experience.”

Like Goldenberg, many leaders are looking for technology integrations that take what can often be disjointed from store to store—or employee to employee—and streamline business practices. An IT upgrade is not as simple as the flip of a switch; however, the right technology solution empowers a business and its employees to create a better user experience, establish cohesive practices across the company and allows for a business CIO to focus on the vision and future innovation.

As consumers experiences become more entrenched in mobile, retail businesses in particular have a huge opportunity to glean valuable data from their day-to-day business operations. Properly implemented and analyzed, these customer-centric technology ecosystems improve the experience for every stakeholder in the process – satisfied customers, productive employees, informed management, thriving business.

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