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Windows Server 2003 End of Service: Adequate Data Protection

20 Feb 2015 by Shay Moser

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this five-part series covered how to successfully plan and assess what data needs to be moved, how to fully understand the migration’s impact on users and operations, and how to ensure productive operation between old and new servers.

What’s the fourth common pitfall that should be avoided at all costs during the Windows Server 2003 end of service (EOS) migration?

Pitfall No. 4: Inadequate data protection

Businesses are already reporting data loss during their migration from Windows Server 2003 because they did not adequately verify their data was protected. It’s crucial to protect your organization’s data before, during and after the migration to ensure no critical business information is lost.

It’s not only important to back up your business’ information before you begin data migration, but it is critical to have a consistent backup and recovery strategy implemented as part of your standard business practices as a safety precaution. Once you start regularly backing up your business’ data, it will become second nature and data loss will no longer be an eminent concern.

With the end of service set for July 14, 2015, there’s plenty of time to properly back up your records and eliminate the risk of data loss. Here are three ways to do so:

  1. Implement daily and or weekly incremental and monthly full backups to disk or tape to meet your defined RPO/RTO objectives.
  2. Implement an offsite disaster recovery strategy to protect your business critical systems using Microsoft Azure Backup or StorSimple solutions.
  3. Perform regular disaster recovery exercises to validate that your backup strategy is working. Coordinate with your data compliance teams and business owners to ensure you have adequately remediated the risk of data loss to your business.

Learn more on how to address the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 end of service by visiting www.insight.com/ServerIgnite, or call 800-INSIGHT.

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