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3 Ways to Grow Your Managed Service Business

18 Feb 2015 by Brian Schoepfle

In a highly competitive field, leveraging proven strategies can make all the difference in growing a managed service business. From the short-term tactics to long-standing plans, here are three strategies that will yield impressive results:

Implement standards that are scalable.

Having a standard for your infrastructure that scales linearly should be a top priority for your managed service provider (MSP) business. If you have to design or re-architect a hardware and software platform every time you add a new client or add to your catalog of services, you fall into a trap of having “resource islands.” Without an infrastructure that scales and adapts to each client’s needs, your business will essentially end up with a misallocation of resources.

The other advantage to creating scalable standards is that you’ll always know your costs, allowing you to be cost-competitive. This also ensures that your business reduces its risk of developing inaccurate pricing models by keeping you from committing to a price for a certain offering only to find that you’ll lose money in delivering on that commitment.

Start partnering.

Although developing scalable standards won’t happen overnight, you can start forming strategic partnerships today. There’s no rule that says your clients have to be on your infrastructure, and there are many options for where the hosted application or hosted data sits. Partnering with best-in-class or local resources will help you add to your portfolio quickly without having to make a large investment in your organization’s infrastructure.

Dozens of MSPs have selected Insight for our strong relationships with 3,500 partners. MSPs have also found benefits in our more than $3 billion in inventory, world-class supply chain, robust e-commerce capabilities, complete IT lifecycle support and deployment management.

Look for additional savings in specific solutions and services.

As partnering can help expand services, it can also lead to savings through utility-based pricing models or in having a collaborator to help set up your organization’s infrastructure. With the purchasing power of a Fortune 500 company and flexible financing options, MSPs often leverage Insight’s specific expertise or our supply chain and services arm for the ability to scale.

For example, we have a client that needs to deploy infrastructure in six different data centers around the world in the next 60 days. The organization already knows how to do one data center, 30 days at a time. However, it doesn’t have the wherewithal to scale very rapidly. That expedited timeline is feasible in partnering with us.

You can grow rapidly by leveraging Insight’s consumption-based software licensing consulting as opposed to buying VMware® or Microsoft® licenses on a perpetual model. In having access to a subscription-based, utility-based pricing model, you can scale your infrastructure quickly without having to pay for everything outright. That financial model offers the potential to save millions of dollars.

Insight delivers software, hardware and value-added services for MSPs like you. Find out more at www.insight.com/service-providers.html.