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Tablet Trends in Business and Where to Begin

26 Jan 2015 by Shay Moser

Many say tablets are the new PC. In their thin, lightweight form with a plethora of apps, it’s no wonder. Really, they’re any professional’s right-hand, ready to hit the ground running once they’re plugged into your IT infrastructure and adapting to the work that needs to get done.

Need to multi-task? The large screen offers better resolution for toggling between projects. Then go from simply checking email to docking your device to do some serious work. Point-of-sale software goes hand in hand with tablets, allowing you to be mobile while taking product inventory, helping customers, and analyzing customer data. The benefits of tablets are truly endless.

So it’s not surprising Gartner expects the turning point for tablets will happen in 2015, when there will be nearly 321 million tablets shipped, versus close to 317 million PCs. In addition, International Data Corporation expects tablet shipments to outpace the entire PC market (portables and desktops combined) by 2015. This is thanks in part to businesses realizing that “using tablets as ‘companions’ to PCs and smart phones can enhance the value of all,” according to a Dell World 2014 blog post.

Where is your business when it comes to the tablet trend? If it’s planning on being part of the growing statistic, you’re probably wondering where to begin. With many models available, choosing the right one for business can be tough.

Here are some tablets—although not an exhaustive list—for business use:

While we work with these products and the brands, the customer reviews below can give you additional information and recommendations.

  1. Apple iPad Air 2 – Employees are empowered with outstanding productivity tools at their fingertips in the form of the thinnest, lightest, most powerful iPad yet making it easier than ever to transform the way they work.
  2. Dell Venue 11 Pro – “The Dell Venue 11 Pro is the perfect hybrid to help increase productivity amongst your mobile and field workers with its lightweight and durability along with Windows 8.1 OS embedded in the device to give the full experience from the palm of your hand.” –PCWorld
  3. HP ElitePad 1000 G2 8.1 Tablet –  “It’s doesn’t get much better than the ElitePad 1000 in a Windows 8.1 business tablet, and kudos to HP for improving what needed to be improved without drastically increasing the weight. It’s fast enough, lasts long enough, and has a capable set of accessories.” –PCWorld
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad 10 – “The upscale-feeling ThinkPad 10 pairs with various keyboards, docks, and covers to become a very flexible hybrid tablet with an excellent high-resolution screen.” Dan Ackerman, CNET
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Pros include big, beautiful, and responsive display; very fast and fluid; very think and light design; much improved keyboard; and kickstand is better than ever, besides a 4.3 out of 5 rating from 421 Amazon reviews.

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