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Mobile Device Management (MDM): Are You Protected?

30 Dec 2014 by Hannah Bridge

In today’s modern workplace, employees operate off of multiple mobile devices every day, utilizing their cell phone, laptop, and tablet for both personal and business use. While BYOD has many benefits for employees and has cut costs for businesses, there are also some downsides, with one of the biggest being security risks.

Gartner analyst, Rob Smith, says there is one golden rule: “Never trust a mobile device unless you control 100 percent of the data and apps on it.”

However, doing this is nearly impossible with today’s advancing technology. So, what is the best way to control your mobile environment and keep your corporate network safe?

The answer is mobile device management (MDM) solutions. With MDM, you can manage and protect corporate data on end users’ mobile devices, preventing the installation of unauthorized apps, protecting data, and remote locking or wiping a lost device. MDM became a hot market when BYOD was first introduced across enterprises, because employees were suddenly given access to corporate data and applications on their mobile devices.

MDM solutions allow administrators to oversee mobile devices as easily as they would with a desktop computer. What is great about MDMs is that they allow for just one person to update or modify the content and security settings on hundreds of devices in just a matter of seconds.

When looking for good MDM software that will help better protect your corporate network, be sure to look for these important features:

  • Enforcement of passwords. Even a simple four-digit passcode can prevent most people from accessing content on a lost or stolen mobile device.
  • Compatibility with all common handheld device operating platforms and applications.
  • Remote device lock/wipe. This feature is critical and can be found even in the most basic MDM software.
  • Data encryption. Devices are likely to be used on a public network, so it is crucial that data being transmitted back and forth via VPN is encrypted.
  • Ability to add or remove devices from the system. This is necessary to ensure optimum network efficiency and security.

Just as there are several crucial features to have in MDM software, there are many solutions to compare depending on the work you do. For instance, AirWatch’s Teacher Tools application gives instructors classroom-level control of student tablets. You can also check out 18 major vendors in the Aragon Research Globe™ 2014 Report for Enterprise Mobile Management report. Another place to begin your MDM research includes Insight’s mobile, network, and security solutions, as well as its cloud collaboration solutions.

There’s no reason to risk your mobile environment or corporate network when there are so mobile protection features and MDM solutions to keep them safe.