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updated five-ways-to-protect-from-the-internet-explorer-vulnerability

(Updated) Five Ways to Protect from the Internet Explorer Vulnerability

8 Oct 2014 by Insight Editor

(UPDATED: 5/1/14 10:57 am) As of 5/1/14 Microsoft has released an official patch for the Internet Explorer vulnerability announced 4/26/14. A majority of customers using automatic updates will receive the out-of-band update automatically and do not need to take action. This release will also cover remaining XP users. Microsoft is also hosting a webcast tomorrow about the security release.

This week Microsoft released a security advisory related to a vulnerability in Internet Explorer versions six through eleven. The vulnerability could allow remote code executions, meaning that a hacker could exploit the glitch and convince users to click on affected link or download a malicious file in order to gain access to their computers.

Microsoft is currently performing a complete investigation of the vulnerability in order to provide a thorough recommendation for customers. Until that solution is issued, they are providing the following workaroundsfor users to help mitigate risks.

  1. Deploy the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1.
  2. Set Internet and Local intranet security zone settings to “High” to block ActiveX Controls and Active scripting in these zones.
  3. Configure Internet Explorer to prompt before running Active Scripting or disable Active Scripting in the Internet and Local intranet security zone.
  4. Modify the Access Control List on VGX.DLL to be more restrictive.
  5. Enable Enhanced Protected Mode for Internet Explorer 11 and enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode.

It’s worth stating that there are many vulnerabilities (ahem, Heartbleed) and viruses moving across the Internet at any given time. In fact, in 2013, 23 Zero Day vulnerabilities were discovered according toSymantec. As such, the best advice is to always be vigilant about protecting PCs on your network by enabling firewalls, installing software updates and having robust security software installed.

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