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Companies Face End of Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

8 Oct 2014 by Insight Editor

Windows Server 2003 is quickly reaching the end of its life and a mass migration is set to occur in the world’s data centers. Microsoft estimates there are about 23.8 million instances of Windows Server 2003 running today across 11.9 million physical servers worldwide, counting for about 39 percent of the entire Windows install base. That’s a lot of migration that needs to happen between now and July 14, 2015, when Microsoft will stop providing support for the old OS.

This migration won’t be easy. The tech world has changed drastically since 2003 and there is a lot of discussion taking place about how to make the leap.

Moving to Windows Server 2012 R2 is an opportunity for Microsoft, its customers and its worldwide partners. Customers will gain more efficiency, while partners stand to make money helping companies make the switch and providing support support. There is also potential opportunity for Microsoft’s Azure cloud, as the end of support can serve as a logical point in time for making the switch from in-house data centers to the cloud.

“It’s an opportunity to move to a more modern OS or to move to an IaaS scenario, such as Azure,” said David Mayer, director of services at Insight Enterprises. “We’re seeing with organizations that we talk with that this is very much an inflection point with the architecture and design of their data center. Do we upgrade internally? Virtualize everything? It’s a multi-pronged conversation.”

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