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Best Practices for Embracing Mobile Devices in Education

1 Apr 2016 by Scott Sterling

If you were looking for the definition of "disruptive technology," a good entry would be: mobile devices.

Mobile devices are transforming how we live, work and play.

Properly harnessed, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices can provide incredible productivity for school staff and teachers, and learning opportunities for students. Yet, from an IT standpoint, the flourishing of mobile devices — including the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement — has made it more challenging to secure district infrastructure and the precious data stored there.

All of this means schools and districts contemplating the most efficient and secure ways of integrating mobile devices into schools should conduct a thorough discovery process to see what solutions might best help them achieve their goals.

Let’s talk — across the district.

A great way to begin your mobile devices discovery process is by creating an adoption committee that pools together the needs, insights and wisdom from across your school. In addition to some obvious team members such as IT and curriculum, you’ll want to have good representation across your district. You might include facilities, food service, transportation, and any other group that might use mobile — or be impacted by it.

This group of school representatives can help define how employees and educators could benefit from tablets, smartphones and other devices. The can also guide use of mobile devices — including BYOD — and whether they fit with existing, and yet-to-be-defined district mobility policies.

Security is calling.

Security should always be a top concern — and with mobile, even more so. Exact security needs will vary from one school and district to another, and be dependent on the types of devices being deployed, how they will be used, and the degree to which they will need to integrate with back-end and cloud-based infrastructure.

Learn more.

To learn more about education devices discovery — including best practices — download our Insight whitepaper “Education: 8 Best Practices for Device Discovery.”