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Cutting the Cord: Boost Productivity With a No-Wires Workplace

5 May 2016 by Susie Steckner

You’ve been in that meeting.

The one where colleagues show up with their devices ready to roll except someone is missing the right video connector to the projector. Someone else is digging through a dongle bag. And everyone is watching the minutes tick by waiting for the presentation to begin.

Another tethered workplace, another lost opportunity.

But more and more, organizations are working to build a mobile workforce, understanding that creating a no-wires workplace is critical. No wires means everything from wireless docking to wireless display, to keep employees free from troublesome cords.

For organizations that boost tech offerings, the payoff is big: increased productivity, rich collaboration, employee retention, attracting new talent and more.

Final frontier

Increasing productivity is vital in today’s competitive marketplace. Executives across organizations of all sizes report, anecdotally, that a workforce bound by wires moves more slowly. A small study by Intel shows just how much more slowly.

The study reveals that, on average, employees working with wires spend more than 7 minutes setting up for a meeting. Those without wires spend 2 minutes.

Organizations that offer a connected meeting user experience will come out on top,says Intel CIO Kim Stevenson.

“We believe this will unlock huge productivity gains much like we saw with our move to wireless LAN [Local Area Network] and wireless peripherals,” Stevenson says.

“The final frontier is eliminating the power cords and remaining peripheral cables for video and content presentation,” she says. “We’ll then be at a true no-wires experience in our workplace with the ability to seamlessly support an increasingly diverse set of connected devices.”

No more searching

A no-wires experience is just what account manager Sam Hodgett wants in his client meetings at Minneapolis-based company, a COUPLE of GURUS.

Instead of searching through his bag for the right dongle to get his digital presentation up and running, he can go wireless with Intel Pro WiDi (wireless display). The technology allows him to quickly connect to projectors and displays. At the same time, it provides the security, flexibility, and configuration capabilities that keeps data and PCs safe and meets IT protocols.

“When you’re sitting in a conference room, you don’t want to spend 5 or 10 minutes figuring out how to hook up your computer to a display,” Hodgett says. “You want to turn on your PC and have it connect and work.”

Ultimately, this no-wires experience enables deeper, collaborative experiences, whether among colleagues or with clients, says Dell CIO Paul J. Walsh.

“It’s about giving time back to our employees, ensuring that they have a much richer, more productive meeting either internally or with our customers,” he says.

Video and content sharing are playing a larger, more vital role in today’s workplace, and organizations are focused on how to make the most of group presentations, client meetings and one-on-ones. They want to improve productivity and collaboration, and they see a no-wires workspace as the solution. New Ultrabook 2-in-1 systems, mobile PCs, and tablets with latest generation Intel Core vPro processors and Intel Pro WiDi can boost the user experience, while meeting the needs of IT.

Wire free at the workstation is just as important in terms of productivity gains. Imagine the office where employees arrive at their desks or workspaces and the devices there are wirelessly paired with all of their own devices. They hit the ground running, unencumbered by wires.

The solution in that scenario: Intel Wireless Docking, which can pair a WiGig-enabled 2-in-1, laptop or other mobile device with a WiGig docking station that is connected to HD displays, external hard drives and more.

Latest and greatest tech

Organizations that want to retain top employees and attract new talent should be focusing on a key selling point: the latest and greatest tech, says Dell’s Global Evolving Workforce survey. Among the findings:

  • Employees are expecting the latest workplace tech. In fact, one quarter of all employees globally could be lured away based on the tech offered in a new position.
  • The same is true for managers, who say the best tech will keep them at the organization.
  • The technologies that employees use impact productivity. More than 75% say tech influences their productivity.

At the top of employees’ tech wish lists is mobility. And a wireless workplace that includes both mobility and a no-wires experience is in greater demand every day. 

“The new indicator for happiness is people who are fully charged and fully connected,” says Walsh.

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