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Consolidate and Streamline Cloud Productivity Solutions

17 Dec 2015 by Jessica Hall

Managing multiple software tools and the agreements that accompany those licenses can become complicated and burdensome, especially in larger organizations. With Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite, you’ll spend less money and time governing the solutions that help maximize employee productivity.

Combining Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and per-user Windows Software Assurance (SA) into one package, employees have access to the cloud at any time, from any device. There are four key ways that this recently released suite can help consolidate and streamline cloud solutions:

Combined, cost-cutting tools

In comparison to the individual components’ costs, companies that choose Enterprise Cloud Suite can take advantage of a substantial discount. The savings increases even further for those who already have Enterprise Agreement (EA) licensing in place.

Central, uncomplicated administrative control

IT benefits from the unified management of cloud-based mobile devices and on-premise machines. This suite also offers streamlined and user-centric application management. With a single administration console, IT can easily manage systems.

Cloud, regardless of device

Using a virtual desktop infrastructure, users can install Windows Enterprise Edition on all eligible machines, providing them with access to Windows Enterprise across tablets, mobile phones and PCs. With this solution, you can also add a license of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) across all of the user’s devices at no additional cost.

Easier management with per-user licensing model

Device licenses can become difficult to manage and maintain — the Enterprise Cloud Suite streamlines licensing through user subscriptions. In a first for the platform, this type of license is available as an add-on or a full User-Subscription License (USL) for individuals who have a primary device running Windows Pro or another qualified operating system. With licensing management that’s straightforward, this suite simplifies purchasing and compliance.

The Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite offers all you need for less, providing a complete and cost-effective cloud solution to increase productivity. Are you interested in benefiting from the consolidation and simplification of cloud productivity solutions? Learn more about Enterprise Cloud Suite.