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The Internet of Everything and The Future of Education

24 Jul 2014 by Whitney Cann

Cisco: The Internet of Everything, and The Future of Education
One of the most important aspects to our society is education. Through education, all things are possible: the next generation will be able to carry the torch forward and lead the way in industrial, societal and digital progress.

These days, however, the methods used to teach are changing rapidly with the times. For example, classes no longer depend on blackboards and chalk to get the message across, and our learning centers are becoming more digital by the day.

As our classrooms become progressively hyper-connected, the traditional forms of teaching become challenged. Fortunately, Cisco is rising to the challenge with the next step in the digital revolution of teaching: The Internet of Everything. With the Internet of Everything, also known as IOE, we will be able to make network connections more relevant and valuable than ever before, and this in and of itself will enhance the classroom experience forever.

The 4 Pillars
The IOE system is comprised of four pillars, all interconnected and integral to each other’s functionality. It is through these 4 pillars that the IOE becomes functional and allows individuals to fully grasp the enhanced classroom experience through progressive digital means. Hyper-connectivity has never been more accessible, and the future is right at our doorstep.

People– The growth of technology will increase our access to information and impact the quality of education that we are able to provide to students. Because of this, the Internet will connect students to a world of experts who will be able to answer queries in real time and bring the full digital learning experience to life. Interconnectivity of people and the sharing ideas with each other will play a large part in the IOE system, and both of these aspects will bring out IOE’s rich resources to your fingertips.

Process– When people, data and things connect with each other, process plays an ever so integral part to the system. Process enhances connection by increasing the relevance of learning and optimizing its resourcefulness to what you need. IOE is able to give instant feedback that will be able to bring forth a process that will revolutionize the way that we connect with each other.

Data– With IOE, those that have been silent until now will have a voice that hundreds of thousands of people will be able to hear. The implications and impact this has on education are huge, and the data pool will change the educational process forever. Students will be able to monitor their environment and collect real-time data like never before, and this will enhance their learning experiences.

Things– Students will become contextually aware, and valuable information and rich media will have an engaging impact upon them more than every before. Things (devices) will have a voice from sensors that will allow almost unlimited connectability through a multitude of devices that will allow content to be created when and where they want.

Factors of IOE That Will Bring Success
Besides the initial four pillars of the IOE, there are other factors that will bring success to the system, including security, data integrity and educational policies, all of which will further educational processes and move us forward in the digital age. Our system will allow a secure foundation for the IOE to thrive, and the four pillars will enhance the learning experience and bring a new generation of digital students who will lead the way.

The Future Is Now. The Future is The IOE
Cisco rises to the challenge when it comes to the future of education. The new generation of digital students is here, and with the IOE, education will continue to change for the better. It should be noted that with IOE, there are risks. The most of these risks directly relate to privacy and security issues. Because of this, policymakers and educators must always be on lookout for the both the benefits of IOE as well as its potential risks.

If you would like more information relating to IOE, the Cisco white paper titled Education and the Internet of Everything has lots of valuable information that you’ll find very interesting.

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