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ISTE 2014 Look Back: #EveryStudentDeserves

24 Jul 2014 by Insight Editor

With this year’s ISTE conference now behind us, we’re taking stock of the most important things we learned.

  1. The Cisco SmartBoards we had in the Insight booth are awesome and attendees loved playing with them.
  2. Using technology to make the classroom a gateway to the world is a top goal for teachers.
  3. It really isn’t about technology at all. It’s about great student experiences and outstanding education.

It’s the third point that sums up the Insight experience at ISTE. For every conversation our team had about networking tools, there were three about connecting students — with teachers, with other students and with the world. For each demonstration on Windows 8 devices, there was another chat about giving students adequate tech literacy through a 1:1 program.

From teachers, principals, superintendents and deans of students to curriculum developers and district CIOs everyone was focused on what every student deserves.

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