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Office 365 E5: 3 Business Benefits of Power BI Pro

8 Dec 2015 by Jessica Hall

With real-time data that’s easy to access, Microsoft Power BI Pro offers comprehensive dashboards and impactful data visualizations. This is becoming an intriguing category of technology, according to Aaron Kleinschmidt, senior partner champion of Microsoft cloud at Insight. Read on to find out why so many companies are interested in leveraging this innovative solution.

Speed and ease

You’ll be able to explore all the data you need to gain valuable insights through this solution’s fast and easy access. “Power BI Pro lends itself to full-on analytics to gain a better understanding of the health of the business,” says Kleinschmidt. With the Power Query, Tiling and Power View commands, everyone from marketers to IT professionals prefers this solution for its ability to put data into the hands of users in an on-demand manner. It’s no longer just for enterprise companies — Power BI Pro is a tool that meets many small organizations’ needs, too.”

Real-time and comprehensive

With a central dashboard offering instantaneous business analytics, your company will have more information than ever before. “With this solution, you can drill down into data with real-time feeds. It also offers 3-D visualization and has many different dashboards built in,” Kleinschmidt explains.

In addition, the advanced data reporting system facilitates analysis among employees and teams with collaboration tools, higher data capacity limits and increased data streaming limits as compared to the free Power BI version.

Data exploration and discovery

With this useful technology, you can explore data like never before, allowing you to uncover new insights. To illustrate, Kleinschmidt spoke of a recent Microsoft case study: “A laundromat company used Power BI Pro to help determine the frequency of use, breakdowns and repair times. This information helped them improve their business by accelerating their profits.

“The opportunities are truly endless. Retail shops can have heat maps of where customers are standing while they’re waiting, allowing the organization to understand where they can market more effectively.”

If you’re ready to gain an unparalleled level of insight into the performance of your company, talk to a specialist to learn more about Microsoft Office 365 E5 Power BI Pro.