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Microsoft Office 365: Increases Efficiency, Savings for the Enterprise

1 Dec 2015 by Jessica Hall

Loaded with all the familiar applications, plus email and social networking services, Office 365 for business is a cloud-based Microsoft solution designed to improve enterprise collaboration and provide a modernized system that is continually updated.

One of the world’s largest providers of semiconductor assembly services had been satisfied with Lotus Notes for a long time. However, its aging infrastructure was struggling to adjust to its expanding workforce and customers around the world. The IBM platform had compatibility issues when sharing information with clients, such as emails and calendars.

Things became even more unfavorable when an upcoming license renewal for Lotus Notes was estimated to cost about $750,000. The multinational company turned to Insight Consulting Services with three major concerns:

  1. Transitioning everyone to a new system
  2. Minimizing disruption in a companywide migration
  3. Justifying the value of efficiencies and cost savings in implementing the changeover

To address those concerns, our experts at Insight presented Office 365 as a better alternative. We also hosted the Office 365 Summit with 25 of the company’s top IT managers. By the end of the week, the system administrators were convinced that Office 365 would be more beneficial than their old environment.

Transitioning users to a new system

Microsoft is already a popular interface in the enterprise world, and users didn’t require basic training for Office 365 applications. This gave the company a huge advantage going into the migration.

Minimizing disruption during a companywide change

Maintaining constant communication, Insight specialists worked side by side with the company’s IT staff to build processes, create scripts and document ways to automate repeatable tasks. Throughout the transition, Insight conducted training sessions to help IT personnel and end users adapt to the new Microsoft technology.

Hybrid servers were deployed on premises to provide IT staff with easy access to mail administration. Once migration was finished stateside, Insight sent a team of experts and resources overseas to facilitate local migrations.

Justifying value to the changeover

A six-year cost analysis from Insight reported that, in addition to Notes’ licensing renewal costs, an additional storage expansion would have been needed for individual mailboxes. With Office 365, individual mailbox capacity was increased by more than a hundredfold — at no added cost. And employees can now easily share information with clients and vendors.

As a cloud-based system, Office 365 requires minimal internal management and maintenance. Offloading the processing from on-premises servers to Office 365 has dramatically reduced hardware costs. The semiconductor company is now exploring ways to redirect the extra time and IT resources toward internal projects.

In an increasingly collaborative business world, progress belongs to those who streamline their systems, maximize internal efficiencies and increase their agility in the marketplace. Christine Morrison, Insight’s presiding account executive, considers the factory migrations “a huge success.”

This is just one example of how software can positively impact an organization. You can find out more about emerging software programs here. If you’re interested in learning how you can better serve and engage your patients with Microsoft Office 365, talk to a specialist today