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Microsoft Dynamics: 3 Ways Colleges Can Support Student Outreach

19 Nov 2015 by Jessica Hall

With limited budgets, fewer resources and high expectations, educational institutions still need to provide a high-quality education to a growing number of students. Microsoft Dynamics allows educators to gain a deeper insight into admissions, enrollment, alumni relations, performance and more, allowing organizations to fine-tune processes and systems with the goal of improving productivity and lowering costs. Here are three colleges that are transforming teaching with Dynamics CRM.

Perfecting program processes

Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education has grown tremendously in less than a decade, increasing its staff and revenue. While the growth is positive, it’s been burdensome on the organization’s IT systems.

Prior to using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education couldn’t share vital information across the organization. Tim Loynes, project manager at the organization, says the biggest benefit of switching to Dynamics CRM is the ability for the organization to consolidate processes. “We used to be very disparate — different systems were being used for different things” Loynes says. “With this cloud-based solution, there are far fewer sources required for staff to gain access to the essential information that helps them perform their tasks.”

With customers who are world leaders and prominent business executives, expectations are high, anticipating personalized, world-class service. In using Dynamics CRM, the organization can meet these expectations with greater accuracy and speed due to centralized information.

“I don’t think the educational experience has actually changed that much — it’s more about the effort it takes to produce a high-quality experience,” Loynes explains. “To create the same superior experience, the internal process is now much more efficient.”

Reaching the right recruits

As the market for online education grows, the University of Colorado Denver (CU) needs to entice and engage ideal scholars with strategic marketing campaigns. By using Dynamics CRM, the organization is able to make data-driven choices, selecting the most effective media outlets to reach the right students.

Now the university can analyze and assess the lifecycle of a student — from when they first show interest until they graduate. Using this information, they can personalize and automate communication to prospects. In looking at the bigger picture, CU Online can evaluate student recruitment and campaign metrics.

With the ability to do these things, the university has advanced its marketing capabilities while also increasing recruitment and retention rates. Jeremy Fulbright, director of CU Online, tells Microsoft, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives us the ability to configure the application to meet our own needs and provides clear insight into the impact of our marketing campaigns.”

Automating admissions and academic activities

Committed to student success, Mesa Community College (MCC) uses Dynamics to interact with as many “at-risk” students as possible. Offering support — from enrollment throughout the college experience — is the top priority of the administration. Dr. Sonya Pearson, vice president of student affairs at MCC, tells Microsoft, “We don’t want anyone dropping out because they did not receive the necessary information or assistance.”

Moving from a paper-driven approach, the college has transitioned to Dynamics CRM to distinguish, accept, track and manage more than 10,000 new students each year, allowing them to speed up processing times and unify the collection of data. With the ability to connect various student databases, process applications rapidly and accurately, and identify at-risk students, the college has been able to effectively manage student progress.

“We can identify exactly how well we track the leads generated by each of our outreach efforts,” says Pearson. “With our ability to more effectively manage and track data, we are now connecting with more students to make sure they have the information and the resources they need to achieve success,” adds Sasan Poureetezadi, vice president of information technology at MCC, in a conversation with Microsoft.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM is no longer only intended to assist corporate America in tracking their sales, customer service or marketing data to improve efficiencies and operations,” says Kim Kosar, technical solution executive at Insight. “It’s a platform enabling you to zero in, track and manage important data for any industry.”

Leveraging a 25-year partnership with Microsoft, Insight offers full stack systems integration, consulting services and proprietary tools. Talk to a specialist today to learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.