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Microsoft Azure: Government Agencies Secure, Simplify, Scale

27 Oct 2015 by Jessica Hall

Microsoft Azure Government aims to help with critical government agency concerns like security, cost control and scaling to meet expanding needs. Here are three real-life examples of how Azure Government is helping government agencies and businesses that help them to do even more than they were yesterday by making it easier to secure, simplify and scale operations.

A secure infrastructure

Compliance with security parameters is of the utmost importance. With Microsoft Azure, you can rest easy because the platform is committed to meeting rigorous requirements and government policies. Texas and Alabama recently implemented Azure in their state IT operations. Both agencies have said that the solution’s ability to meet data privacy requirements was a key factor in the decision.

“A lot of the money we spend is federal money with strings tied to it, and we have to comply with all of the federal government’s security parameters as well,” says Brunson White, Alabama’s secretary of technology. “Microsoft's Azure Government deals with all of that for us.”

Also, in recent news, Azure Government became the first cloud-computing platform to achieve FedRAMP JAB P-ATO compliance.

Simplify systems

Azure Activity Directory combines directory services, identity management, security and application access to provide benefits like single sign-on, centralized infrastructure administration and robust authentication. It can help eliminate the confusion and inefficiencies that come from managing multiple accounts and time-consuming manual processes.

VIEVU manufactures body cameras for law enforcement and, with Microsoft Azure Government, it was able to streamline IT processes related to mass data storage. Without the time-intensive encumbrance of complex infrastructure administration, it was able to dedicate more time to creating a product to protect both law enforcement officials and citizens.

Ability to scale and save

With its open and flexible platform, seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure and pay-as-you-go-services that let you easily scale up or down, Azure is ready to help you expand your agency’s impact.

In using Azure, Partners In Health, a healthcare provider to underserved regions around the world, has been able to reach more people with fewer barriers and at lower costs. Dave Mayo, chief information officer at the nonprofit, says the organization has saved $250,000 to date by using Microsoft’s cloud-based tools. “Every dollar we saved with Office 365 and Azure is a dollar we can send to the field,” Mayo says.

These are just a few government agencies and their business partners doing more good with Microsoft Azure, and yours could be next. Talk to a specialist to learn more.