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BlueMetal Brings Sight and Touch to Technology

12 Oct 2015 by Robyn Itule

One of the most complicated things about technology is the increasing need to make it simple. Designing interfaces that captivate customers on any device drives commerce. Building powerful business insights requires compelling visualizations to tell a story to all stakeholders and drive change.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce BlueMetal, an Insight company, to the suite of services we are able to offer clients.

“Insight has a lot of strength in operational excellence and infrastructure optimization,” says Mike Gaumond, senior vice president of services. “BlueMetal brings technical craftsmanship that our clients — and their customers — can see and touch.”

The relationship highlights how Intelligent Technology™ is responsive to the demands of the digital business environment.

“It’s about creative problem-solving and understanding our clients’ business strategy,” notes Scott Jamison, vice president of services. “Insight and BlueMetal are focused on those needs from the back-end technology to the user experience.”

BlueMetal offerings include:

  • Strategy and design
  • Data and analytics
  • Devices and mobility
  • Content and collaboration
  • Cloud and services
  • Managed services

BlueMetal’s expertise spans across industries with particular depth in the highly regulated fields of financial services and healthcare.

“This is an extremely talented and passionate group of professionals who have truly been implementing Intelligent Technology for their clients,” adds Gaumond. “It’s very exciting to bring our collective solutions together to help businesses run smarter.”

More information about the BlueMetal acquisition is available on insight.com.