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Microsoft Just Brought More to the Surface

7 Oct 2015 by Insight Editor

Microsoft was all the buzz with their Windows 10 device event — oh, and they unveiled their first laptop, ever.

Storified by Insight · Wed, Oct 07 2015 22:08:36

Every major tech publication is talking about the Microsoft Windows 10 device event — more specifically, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. #SurfaceBook was even trending on Twitter with 87K Tweets and counting, with #SurfacePro4 on its heels. The great thing about the Internet is, even if you missed it, you didn't really miss it. Here are some recaps:
See everything that Microsoft announced today http://t.co/Dh8HEQFd68 http://t.co/am6r92ay8s · WIRED
Microsoft announced the release of the Surface Pro 4 — a light yet powerful device that was made to replace your laptop,
Introducing #SurfacePro4, the new tablet that can replace your laptop. http://t.co/Vcq7BQjIAt http://t.co/HQSGeY7skB · Surface
and the Surface Book — created to be a versatile, and the ultimate, laptop.
The #SurfaceBook weighs 1.6 pounds and is nearly half as light as a 13-inch MacBook Air http://t.co/D3e6SMYszM http://t.co/Y9nhbScFn5 · Newsweek
The reactions from Twitter were overwhelmingly positive.
Let's talk about specs. The Surface Pro 4 has Intel Core processing power. For users, this means they are working off a 6th generation processor — a light yet powerful device that has up to 16GB of RAM and up to nine hours of video-playback.
The new #surfacepro4 stacks up very well as the best tablet in its class with 16GB ram. Check out… https://t.co/zSW9vlOqxO · booredatwork
It weighs in at 1.76 pounds with 10-point multi-touch capabilities. It has a pen that allows you to write and erase naturally and the screen is equipped with"Palm Block" technology allowing the user to rest their hand on the screen while they write.
Microsoft has a ‘Pen’ that erases, while Apple has a ‘Pencil’ that does not: http://t.co/ojdIodJqPf http://t.co/dh6s21jBSI · Forbes
It has a 12.3" ClearType Full HD Plus screen with 2736 x 1324 resolution and uses hybrid, liquid cooling technology.
Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 4: Same size, bigger screen http://t.co/UewK1pLRzz by @EPro http://t.co/Dbm9y6n3Pp · VentureBeat
A Look Inside: The Groundbreaking Surface Pro 4 Hybrid Liquid Cooling Technology http://t.co/IXYi1MoNl9 http://t.co/QfBXXFxmzS · WinBuzzer
The Surface Book is Microsoft's first ever laptop one of the reasons for all of the buzz. Some people believe that it even rivals the MacBook Pro. And people keep talking about that hinge.