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Office 365 Saves Time and Money for 3 SMBs

29 Sep 2015 by Jessica Hall

In a Small to Medium Business (SMB), any decision that can increase productivity and decrease capital expenses is a win-win. Three companies have experienced those advantages by using Microsoft Office 365.

It cuts costs in many ways.

Not only is Office 365 affordable, but its implementation can create a ripple effect in a pool of commonplace expenditures. “Only Office 365 supports translation software compatibility. This is a huge deal. Translation software is essential in cutting down costs when translating content into other languages,” explains Martin Milanov, digital marketing specialist at Fair Point, which is a business-to-business travel management company in Frankfurt, Germany.

Security is also a key advantage, and with Office 365 you won’t see exorbitant fees for this benefit. “We can scale up with minimal IT support costs while keeping security and data flow at maximum,” Milanov says. 

It facilitates faster work.

Akaash Prasad, digital account manager at GMR Web Team, a digital marketing agency in Orange County, California, says that Skype is by far the most important Office 365 product for their team. With a second office in India, they need a reliable way to quickly converse.

“Skype gives us the flexibility to either communicate via chat, phone or video call with our team — either as a group or in a one-on-one manner,” Prasad explains. “It's quicker than email, cheaper than traditional calling, and it’s the next best thing to meeting face-to-face.”

It can change company culture.

Flexibility and transparency are two values that can help SMBs attract top talent. In addressing the former, Courtney Casburn Brett, principal of Casburn Brett Architecture in Mobile, Alabama, leveraged Office 365’s OneDrive to provide employees with controlled access to the files they need to use or share from anywhere in the world. “My staff can work as quickly from home or an airport Starbucks as they can from their desks,” says Casburn Brett.

Brett and her employees increase transparency — as well accountability — by sharing calendars via Office 365. They’re integrating Yammer tools and use the cloud-based software suite’s screen-sharing and advanced remote conference capabilities to support company-wide collaboration. “These tools have made flex-time a realistic option for my firm,” Casburn Brett says.

Leveraging a 25-year partnership with Microsoft, we’re able to help determine if Office 365 is the right solution for your business. Talk to a specialist to learn how this suite of software will address your specific needs and provide real business value.