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Microsoft Dynamics for Modern Work Departments

8 Sep 2015 by Jessica Hall

The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics are numerous. From instantly tracking and managing customer data to offering the flexibility to work from anywhere, this suite of business solutions can be tailored to your needs and customized to your market. Offering the ability to improve the way organizations manage their end-to-end business processes, it’s no surprise that this suite of software products is growing in popularity. Microsoft Dynamics can be integrated throughout the enterprise, serving myriad departments.

Sales and marketing

Microsoft Dynamics’ customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers an advanced marketing automation module that streamlines marketing tasks, such as analyzing results and developing sales forecasts. Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms within Microsoft SQL Server™ Analysis Services, predictive analytics can be used to identify patterns that aid in decision making that drives business value.

Tracking customer requests or follow-ups, the marketing and sales departments can ensure they’re always able to communicate with customers at critical points in the consumer lifecycle. This is a tremendous benefit to the department. Forrester Research has found that organizations skilled at lead nurturing produce 50% more sales-ready leads while generating a 33% reduction in costs.

“Another invaluable feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Social Engagement, which provides extensive social tools to help departments connect with their customers, prospects and partners on social media within the application,” says Kim Kosar, a CRM technical solution executive at Insight. “You can listen to what people are saying globally across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, videos, and 5,000 news publications and wires. This allows organizations to gain insights on what people are saying about their brands, products and services, and capture the overall sentiment about their business.”


The Accounting department can use Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) to manage payroll, fixed assets, budgeting and multi-national accounting, among other tasks. Working — and looking — like Microsoft Office, the interface is familiar and easy to use, making it a more efficient option for many employees. The system also integrates with Office Outlook, Excel and Word.

Management and human resources

By automating operational processes, your company can free up critical time while still maintaining essential recurring procedures. Management and human resources share the goal of improving productivity; modifications and customizations can be made to this system that allow employees to work in a familiar manner, thus increasing the speed at which tasks are completed.

With its filtering ability, employees can work remotely while still having access to relevant information. The ability to provide flexible schedules can serve as an impactful advantage. According to a Cornell University study, businesses that offer flexibility in the time and place that work takes place had one-third the turnover rate when compared to unyielding companies. Retaining employees has a huge effect on your organization’s bottom line — the American Management Association estimates that the cost of turnover is 30% of the worker's salary.


IT professionals can ensure that security isn’t an issue, controlling this tool by restricting permissions and managing who can access what information. In using Microsoft Dynamics, your organization has the option of maintaining its database with Microsoft’s remote server.

Some of these systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, allow the IT department to control the company’s deployment options, providing you with the option to run the system on-premises, in an on-demand environment or a mix of the two.

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